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EfuneUSA designs and manufactures provides the finest quality jewelry to retail establishments across the country. We have been in the forefront of The Jewelry Wholesale and Manufacturing Industry for over 60 years and particularly in the United States since 1986. Efune is widely recognized for exciting, trend setting styling and ideas. Efune is continually bringing new ideas and styling while still maintaining classic and time honored styles for our discerning customers. To ensure that we have the best to offer our customers in up to date styling in the market place, Efune emphasizes very closely on styling and quality craftsmanship while striving to ensure the highest levels of customer service. With the combination of a strong history, an established name in Fine Jewelry and Italian Gold Chain and our highly committed team, we feel we can help our customers achieve their goals. Jewelry stores from Arkansas, California, Texas to New York, carry our jewelry. Enter our website and use our "find a store" feature to find the store closest to you.